A Servant Nation

What if God chose for His Own
a unique servant nation?
Would their purpose still remain
to serve on earth in His name…or
is this now a forgotten oblation?

If God did choose a people –
how might they be seen (as) ‘apart’?
Surely they would follow Him,
walk after and obey Him?
Imperfect, but, dear to God’s heart.

How can we find these servants?
Where does God say we should look?
If Christ’s truth be our master,
we can soon find our answer
in God’s Holy Book.

True, we’ll often discover
far more questions than answer,
nonetheless, we must persist:
no painful truth we resist
when cherished beliefs waiver.

Do we question God’s Kingdom?
Who can tell us? Isaiah?
Shall we query salvation?
Look deep in Revelation.
The lost sheep found? So says Hosea!

Does God keep His promises?
Can His people trust their KING?
Through the First Covenant and Last
does the Holy Word stand fast?
“Yes!” declare the age-old hymns we sing.

God’s servants are manifest – their Way undeniable:
a peculiar people in truth, kith and relation
shall prove the Lord God infallible.

A Servant Nation – Copyright © 1998


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1 Comment:

Shelly Pope
31st October 2020

Just absolutely LOVE this! I have one I can share with you, if that’s ok, my friend in Christ!

Despite the distances between His children,
He’s concerned with His bride, concerned about building
The body of Christ, the church He’s preparing,
And for those still lost, He never stops caring.
The Great Commission is great no more,
His heart surely mourns, as we keep shutting the door
And dismiss His purposes; when will we follow?
His simple requests, our answers so hollow.
For He’s not very pushy, no, not at all,
In fact, quite the opposite, even trying to stall
So that no one, not a one, should ever perish,
For each of our lives, He genuinely does cherish.
“Forgive them, Father”, He even prays,
As we ignorantly deny Him and all His ways,
And even though He knows we’ll inevitably fail,
He still faithfully persists; His Love does prevail!
This undeserved, this Perfect and Holy Gift,
Requires from us only that we accept, that we lift
Our hearts to Him, and receive His salvation,
How easy He’s made it to accept this invitation.
Yet sadly this world, this tumultuous life,
Offers little to our Saviour, less disappointing strife,
Yet given so much, we ungratefully ignore,
Only rags can we offer as this Babylon whore.
We’ve forced Him out of our government and schools,
Even the highest court has made us all look like fools,
For if not already, then the time surely nears
That our turning away will deafen His ears.
For He’s stood and He’s knocked at our doors for so long,
Frustrated, I’m sure, seeing all that’s gone wrong,
Yet a Loving free option to choose or not choose,
This salvation He’s offered, this awesome Good News
Is ours to pursue, or not, seem the masses,
I pray for those souls left when this age soon passes,
For in that number, Lord, let us be,
Please let all I know, and all related to me
Be in that Book of Life that You’ve kept sacred,
Write it ink-keep us consecrated,
For without You with us, Lord, I belabour
The consequences coming for our nation’s behavior.

But for our Glorious Father, the Beginning and the End,
The Great Jehovah Jirah, Elohim, a Best Friend,
Became a Man for us as to save us from our sin,
Receive Him as soon as possible, so you are sure to win
This battle that’s already, yes, it has been won,
The victory can be yours, too; everything He’s already done,
So, nothing’s more left that I could think of to mention
Except for you to tell all to pay close and some serious attention
To the Truth that His Word is still patiently revealing,
Mind what His Word says, but put aside that “warm feeling”
That Christ will return with another sacrificing cross,
In fact, quite the opposite; you need to tell the lost.
For He’s coming back as a Lion, if you’ve not heard,
Don’t expect much more mercy as He fulfills Yahweh’s Word.
For the time is approaching more quickly than you know,
So accept Him today to be certain where you’ll go.
For He hopes that not even one of His sheep is lost,
Patiently hoping we finally see, what He did up on that cross,
Yes, all that He did upon that Calvary Hill,
What a loving expression! His Blood paid our bill.
‘Cause hell is no joke, yet Heaven’s your home,
But from whence you came is no certain return,
So, I would suggest, out of Love and common ground,
To submit to His Love; become Heaven-bound.
And in all of your ways, it’s okay to acknowledge
In the midst of your sin, His forgiveness stays solid,
And when you finally do put Him first place after that,
You’ll never be disappointed, I can promise that fact.
And when all bow down, recognizing His place,
Not one person will question His Authority, His Grace,
So, don’t be in that group of which He’s spoken before
Saying, “Depart, I never knew you!” then the time is no more.
Can you imagine how awful, how eternally lost?
Opportunity now gone, now left paying the cost.
Oh, how I pray that not even an enemy of mine
Will ever be caught looking back, left behind.
So, friends, acquaintances, even strangers I’m imploring
Get on your knees now, for He’s all about restoring,
And tell Him your heart, for He’s indisputably deserving,
And let’s get to His business, begin forgiving, and start serving.
For no one loves you more than He; He created you, He’s The Man,
The One that loved you first, the One with your very best plan,
And He’s still not finished yet, so keep your head held high,
There’s still time left to make it to that “sweet by-and-by”!
In His Eternal Love,
Shelly Pope