With God In Mind

A Servant Nation

What if God chose for His Own
a unique servant nation?
Would their purpose still remain
to serve on earth in His name…or
is this now a forgotten oblation?

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Eve Speaks

I speak not merely as a woman. Nor do I speak as to a mere man.
I speak as God’s Eve Woman. I speak to God’s Adam Man.
Man, whence came you? What purpose? What plan?
What duty was placed in your care, Man?

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Evil Among Us

In disguise Evil slithers among us
hunting souls to feed his unfilled lust;
masked in flesh of every kind and shade:
no nation exempt, no gender preferred,
no race excluded: all mankind has served.

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Hear, O Israel

Israel, what would you have YHWH declare?
You only are acceptable to the LORD?
If this were so, toward heaven you’d go
by flesh or deed…not by His truth-sharp sword.

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I See Said The Blind Man

When I see a resentful Black Face,
I see Old Adam’s Darker Race.
When I see a condescending White Face,
I see Old Eve’s Paler Race.

I see said the Blind Man.

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The Voice Of God

Unwilling to ignore God’s call,
the prophet bows his head;
with trembling limbs and anxious heart,
his earnest prayers are said:

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J.C.Ryle Quote
Be very sure of this:

"People never reject the Bible because they cannot understand it. They understand it only too well; they understand that it condemns their own behavior; they understand that it witnesses against their own sins, and summons them to judgement. They try to believe it is false and useless because they don't like to believe it is true. An evil lifestyle must always raise an objection to this book. Men question the truth of Christianity because they hate the practice of it."
J. C. Ryle


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